New Agents Of Mayhem Trailer Dusts Off A Classic 80s TV Show Theme

Volition Software and Deep Silver are readying for the release of Agents of Mayhem next month for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The companies have been releasing new retro-themed trailers for the game, heading toward its release, including the newest trailer, which dusts off a classic 80’s TV show theme.

Volition posted the new new trailer over on the official Agents of Mayhem _YouTube channel, and it clocks in at just a minute and a half, sporting a throwback to the old Tom Selleck show, _Magnum P.I.

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Retro Adventure Game Thimbleweed Park Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

One of the underrated titles that came out this year from Terrible Toybox was Thimbleweed Park. The game launched at the end of March on Steam, and now it’s set to arrive sometime soon for the Nintendo Switch.

The news comes courtesy of the game’s lead designer, and legendary game maker, Ron Gilbert. The announcement for the Switch version of Thimbleweed Park was posted up on the Twitter account of Gilbert, with a short 42 second long video attached.

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Firefall Is Shutting Down, But Plans To Live On

Firefall Shuts Down

Red 5 Studios recently announced that the third-person MMO sci-fi shooter RPG, Firefall, has officially shut down. The game’s last official day came on July 7th, 2017 this past Friday, but Red 5 still has plans to allow the game to live on.

Over on the official Red 5 website, the studio announced that Firefall‘s service would be brought to cessation, and that the game would be indefinitely suspended on July 7th, 2017. The news comes in a somewhat anti-climatic fashion. The message was originally posted on July 5th, warning gamers that they only had two more days left of Firefall before the service would be suspended.

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What New Games Are Coming To EA’s Subscription Services

The Empire attacks in Star Wars Battlefront

Electronic Arts’ subscription service, EA Access, received a small update this week boasting some DLC for Battlefront. But we imagine subscribers will be even more interested to learn about some of the big games hitting the roster in just a couple of months.

EA announced this past week (via Gamespot) that some new content was headed to its subscription service, beginning with the now available Star Wars Battlefront and DLC expansions. Just in time to get everyone pumped for the arrival of Battlefront II this fall, you can now play the entirety of the original game, alongside all of its add-on content including extra maps, heroes and gear.

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Street Fighter Ex-Developer Is Working On A New Fighting Game

A battle begins in Fantasy Strike

If you’ve ever wanted to get into fighting games but just couldn’t master the complex systems, Fantasy Strike from Sirlin Games might be just what you’re looking for. According to founder David Sirlin, who has experience working on the Street Fighter series, this in-development fighter is intended to be welcoming to newcomers and challenging for veterans all at the same time.

Sirlin recently had a chat with Gamespot about all things Fantasy Strike. Before starting his studio, Sirlin actually worked on a couple of Street Fighter games, including Street Fighter HD Remix. The other was Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, but we’re not sure too much experience from that Tetris-like game translates over to the actual fighting arena.

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New Details of Splatoon 2 Are Here

Splatoon 2

Nintendo dropped so many details about _Splatoon 2 _that it was easy to miss some of the more unique features set to arrive in when it launches on July 21st exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Gamespot compiled some of the other details that wasn’t covered during Nintendo’s press release announcements a couple of days ago. For instance, one of the new weapons in the game called the Brella. The gun is an umbrella-shaped weapon that allows you to use it both offensively and defensively. It can shoot out ink blots at opponents and to cover the environment, but it also can be used as a shield when you hold down the fire button. The umbrella part extends and blocks any incoming fire from opponents.

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A Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Art Book Is On The Way

Nintendo will be cashing in on this year’s Legend of Zelda craze by offering gamers an opportunity to go even further into the world of Hyrule with a Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild artbook, which they revealed shortly after they unveiled some new info on the second DLC pack.

The news comes courtesy of a post from the Nintendo UK Twitter account, which announced that fans of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild who want to see more of the artifacts, characters, environments can do so with the third book series for the game featuring artwork from the most recent entry in the long running series.

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New Super Mario Odyssey Footage Shows A Maddening Minigame

Nintendo has really taken its time in doing something fresh and new with the Super Mario franchise. While some people have complained that Nintendo regularly goes back to the same well for various games, what’s being done with Super Mario Odyssey is truly standout, even when it includes a maddening mini-game.

The video was posted up over on the Nintendo World Report YouTube channel, featuring just about two minutes worth of gameplay taken from a direct feed that was being showcased during this past year’s E3 event in Los Angeles, California.

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Fable Fortune’s Release Has Been Delayed

An assassin takes the field in Fable Fortune

We’ve learned this weekend that Fable Fortune, the upcoming digital collectible card game set in the Fable universe, has been delayed. Originally expected to arrive this Tuesday, July 11, duelists will have to wait just a little bit longer to finally get their hands on the game. The new launch date has only been pushed back a couple of weeks, now arriving on July 25.

When games get delayed, there’s usually enough extra time tacked on to elicit a loud, unanimous groan from the fans who were eagerly anticipating its arrival. With Fable Fortune, we figure folks will be able to handle a couple of extra weeks without breaking a sweat. Plus, it turns out the delay wasn’t in order to squash bugs or because the test servers were crashing or anything like that. According to a recent report from IGN, the delay is being pinned on “an administration hiccup,” which we figure means Gary in Accounting accidentally shredded an important document rather than faxing it. Thanks, Gary!

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Summer Games Done Quick Raised An Insane Amount Of Money This Year

Summer Games Done Quick Charity

Summer Games Done Quick is an annual event that really brings out the feel-good moments in gaming. The latest event that helped raise funds for Doctors Without Borders managed to accrue an insane amount of money this year, even more than what you might be expecting.

According to the Games Done Quick official Twitter account, the Summer Games Done Quick speedrunning event racked up $1,760,400 for the Medecins Sans Frontieres, also known as the Doctors Without Borders charity organization.

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