This Rotten Week: Predicting Cars 3, Rough Night, 47 Meters Down, And All Eyez On Me Reviews

During the summer months, it’s common for one or two wide releases to claim a single weekend for competition at the box office, but this week is special because that magic number has been bumped up to four. We’re deep in the summer season now, and we’re about to see the launch of Cars 3, Rough Night, 47 Meters Down, and All Eyez on Me. It’s gonna be a Rotten Week!

Just remember, I’m not reviewing these movies, but rather predicting where they’ll end up on the Tomatometer. Let’s take a look at This Rotten Week has to offer.

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Cars 3 Has An Awesome Toy Story Easter Egg, See It

Pixar loves to fill their movies with easter eggs and looking for them can one of the most entertaining parts of the film. We’ve already spotted a major easter egg in Cars 3 and the movie isn’t actually out yet. The Pizza Planet Truck is a pizza delivery vehicle first seen in the original Toy Story, since then it has appeared as an easter egg in nearly ever Pixar movie. It was nearly a foregone conclusion that the vehicle would show up in Cars 3 and a new clip that’s been released of the film shows us exactly where. As part of a demolition derby.

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The Real Reason Chris Evans Agreed To Come Back For Avengers 4

We’re heading toward the end of the current phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Infinity War and the follow-up Avengers 4. Chris Evans has explained why he felt compelled to finish out the story even though he wasn’t supposed to. Originally, his contract with Marvel was only for six films, which meant it would end with Avengers: Infinity War. Recently, he spoke about why he decided to extend that contract for one more movie. He thought it just made sense to hang around until the story was over.

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Could Armie Hammer Play Shazam In The DCEU? Here’s What He Says

Armie Hammer the lone ranger

The potential casting for the titular hero in Shazam has become one of the most talked about aspects of the DC slate. While The Rock has been attached to play the villainous Black Adam for quite some time, DC seems to have had a much harder time finding the movie’s central character. However, The Rock recently confirmed that his personal favorite choice for the role would be The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer — causing a wave of anticipation and speculation about the possibility. I recently had the chance to ask Hammer whether or not he’s interested in Shazam, and while he has yet to meet with anyone about the part officially, he’s also really pumped about the idea. He said:

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Superman Fans Should Get Very Excited About Geoff Johns’ DCEU Tweet

Henry Cavill as Superman

We know so little about how Supeman (Henry Cavill) will be used in the upcoming Justice League movie that any hint is enough to send DC fans into palpitations. Naturally, we assume that Kal-El will come back from the dead, but there are numerous mysteries surrounding the state of Superman, so when we see Tweets like this from the mighty Geoff Johns, our geek pulses start to race:

DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns was playfully responding to a list posted by Heroic Hollywood about the 5 Best Superman Moments So Far in the DCEU. And Johns’ advice suggests that Justice League will have a Superman moment that’s so extreme, it immediately will warrant inclusion on a list of major Supes scenes. To the speculation machine!

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Donald Glover Is Rocking A Mustache As Lando In The Han Solo Movie, And It’s Great

While everybody is looking forward to seeing Alden Ehrenreich play a young Han Solo, he doesn’t have the sweet mustache that Donald Glover is rocking playing Lando Calrissian. The still untitled Han Solo movie is currently in production and they’re apparently in Spain right now, as that’s where Woody Harrelson snapped a picture of himself and his co-star, who has the world’s greatest Billy Dee Williams mustache not worn by Billy Dee Williams. Would you buy a malt liquor from this man?

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One Big Change The Mummy Should Have Made To Its Ending

The Mummy

It should be no secret by now, but The Mummy — which opened this weekend — is not a great movie. Though it’s likely to be saved by the international box office, the movie has flopped in the States, falling to the sword of the much more relevant and interesting Wonder Woman. The poor reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score aren’t helping either. The Mummy just hasn’t made the splash that Universal was clearly hoping for, and I can’t help but think that if The Mummy had at least made one change to its ending, it would have at least gotten some attention: Tom Cruise should have been the villain.

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We Finally Know More About Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman Cameo

Wonder Woman in no man's land

Although Patty Jenkins did something truly historic wth Diana Prince’s first solo movie, Zack Snyder still holds the distinction of being the first modern filmmaker to include Wonder Woman in a film. The Batman V Superman director played a massive part in getting the DCEU off of the ground, and that influence extended to playing a significant role behind the scenes on Wonder Woman. This influence apparently even included a hidden Snyder cameo in the background of Diana’s Veld photograph — which was taken on the first day of Wonder Woman‘s production. Deborah Snyder explained:

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How Mark Hamill Feels About Superhero Movies

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Mark Hamill is part of the biggest movie franchise in the world, but recently superhero movies as a genre have been taking over the industry. What does Luke Skywalker think about that? Overall he thinks that superhero movies are fantastic, but he does worry that the genre may be going overboard, and not focusing on the right things, specifically, story. According to Hamill…

I don’t know what’s going on with superhero movies. They’re fantastic, but I think we’re reaching a point of oversaturation. So that’s why the story is so important, is that the gimmicks and all that, they can only take you so far. That’s what I want, better stories.

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The Worst Note La La Land’s Director Got While Making The Movie

La La Land

Movie making is a perpetual battle between art and business. Directors want to make great films, while studio’s want to make great films they can sell. This can result in conflicts between the two sides and studios providing notes on how they think movies could be changed in order to make them better received. Damien Chazelle, the writer and director of La La Land, is no stranger to studio notes and he recently revealed the worst note he received from somebody who read his Academy Award-nominated screenplay.

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