Wait, Is The Flash Actually Letting Wally West Take Barry’s Place In Season 4?

Wally West Kid Flash

Warning: spoilers ahead for Season 3 of The Flash! Read ahead at your own risk!

The Arrow-verse is no stranger to status quo shifts, but The Flash introduced one of its biggest changes to date, when Barry Allen surrendered himself to The Speed Force after defeating Savitar at the end of Season 3. The burden of protecting Central City has fallen onto the remaining members of Team Flash, and it’s a responsibility that Wally West will apparently take seriously going into Season 4, and a newly leaked photo of Keiynan Lonsdale from the set of The Flash even seems to suggest that Wally may take Barry’s place as the fastest man alive.

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Hooten And The Lady Review: The CW’s New Adventure Series Is Fun But Needs Something Extra

hooten and the lady the cw

A lot of the television landscape these days is filled with police/detective procedurals and superhero shenanigans that can sometimes get kinda dark and brooding, especially when you consider the dog days of summer entertainment. The CW, home to many of those deep superhero shows, is trying to rectify that by lightening their programming load up a bit for the season. If you need a little weekly adventure in your summer, the network’s new action comedy Hooten & The Lady might be right for you. But, know that while the show is fun, it does seem to be missing a certain indefinable something.

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First Look At The Walking Dead Season 8 Is Exactly What We Wanted To See

Now that we’re in the middle of July, avid TV viewers are in the midst of their favorite summer shows returning to the small screen. But the fall season will be here before we know it, and networks should begin slowly revealing information and footage.

Fans of AMC’s massively popular apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead should expect the first footage from Season 8 to arrive during San Diego Comic-Con, and the very first still from the new footage has just arrived. It features two fan favorites teaming up again, much to the joy of the fandom.

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The Flash Season 4 Is Bringing Back A Villain We Haven’t Seen Since Season 1

Peek-a-Boo Britne Oldford The Flash The CW

News regarding The Flash Season 4 has been surprising, and this latest update is no exception. Word is the series will be bringing back a villain we haven’t seen since Season 1 for another potentially fatal game of hide and seek. That’s right, actress Britne Oldford will be seen again in Central City as Shawna “Peek-a-Boo” Baez, and she’ll likely be causing problems for Team Flash with her powers of teleportation.

The first time The Flash introduced Peek-a-Boo was in Season 1 Episode 12, titled “Crazy For You.” After Barry successfully halted her powers of teleportation by taking out all the lights in the area they were fighting in, Shawna Baez was imprisoned within the power-muting pipeline with all the other villains. As EW reminds us, Baez was freed in Episode 22 when Leonard Snart and Lisa Snart attacked the truck hauling the meta-villains away from S.T.A.R. Labs to another facility. It’s unclear what Baez has been up to in the two seasons and change since we last saw her, but something big is obviously bringing her back.

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Could Gotham Introduce Dick Grayson Soon? Here’s What One Star Says

fox gotham season 1 john and mary grayson the blind fortune teller dick grayson's parents

Gotham has introduced all kinds of legendary characters from DC Comics lore, although almost always with a twist on their origin stories. As Gotham is a new take on Batman plots, it’s only natural that fans wonder if the very first Boy Wonder will make an appearance at some point. John Grayson and his future wife Mary both appeared back in Season 1, so Gotham clearly set the stage for Dick Grayson to be born. Now, actor Sean Pertwee (who plays Alfred) has weighed in on whether or not the future Robin 1.0 will appear in Gotham sometime soon, saying this:

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The Hilarious Way Woody Harrelson Landed His Role On Cheers

woody boyd cheers

Hollywood is obviously full of unique and memorable celebrities, and has been for 100 years or so, but it’s difficult to come up with a handful that put a capital I on Individual quite like Woody Harrelson, who is currently filming the Han Solo-centric Star Wars spinoff. The actor can be seen in theaters right now in War of the Planet of the Apes, making it all the more difficult to picture his breakout role as the soft-spoken (and soft-headed) Woody Boyd on Cheers. Even the way that Harrelson landed the bartender role is hilariously unique. In his words:

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How Black Lightning Is Different From The Flash And The CW’s Other Superheroes

Black Lightning The CW

There was a time when a TV show featuring a superhero felt like a unique enough commodity to draw in viewers, but that era has come and gone. Series inspired by comic book characters are a dime a dozen these days (particularly on The CW), so it behooves newcomers to try something new with the tried and true formula. That’s what Black Lightning intends to do when it debuts next year, and the folks behind the series will apparently set it apart from the Arrow-verse shows by making it about a seasoned hero dealing with real world issues. Black Lightning producer Salim Akil explained:

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Why Fans Probably Won’t See Multiple Game Of Thrones Shows On At The Same Time

game of thrones battle of the bastards jon snow

Only two short seasons are left before Game of Thrones comes to a conclusion, but the series finale won’t mark the end of the world of Westeros on HBO. We learned back in May that four potential spinoffs were entering development, and we know that any spinoffs would actually be prequels rather than sequels to Game of Thrones. With so many spinoffs in the works, fans had to wonder if we might get multiple on the air at the same time. Now, HBO programming president Casey Bloys has explained that we won’t get more than one spinoff at once, saying this:

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A House Hunters Spinoff Is Coming To HGTV

House Hunters Family HGTV

House Hunters has been a staple of HGTV programming since the late 90s, and now another spinoff is coming to the network. This time around the twist isn’t in the location, but rather who’s involved in the decision. House Hunters Family will throw kids into the fray as families look together to find the ideal home.

As mentioned, House Hunters Family plays out in the formulaic House Hunters style with families jumping between three properties in an area, but now the kids have a say in the move. The twist is interesting as typically the shows only check in with the children after the move-in or sometimes not at all. This time around, the show will get the children’s opinions of the house, and conversations like “Why can’t we have the house with a pool?” and “House 2 had better carpet to lay on!” will likely ensue. House Hunters Family will make its premiere on HGTV on July 31st.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Will Get Evicted This Week?

Big Brother 19 chess

By comparison to the first “week” of Big Brother 19, this week has been relatively predictable as it relates to game play. We’re about to get into spoilers from the live feeds, including the Veto results, who’s on the block ahead of eviction night, and who’s probably going home.

That’s your spoiler warning! If you’d rather wait until the episodes air to find out, read no further!


Head of Household:


Original nominees:




Won the Veto:


Veto used?

Yes, Paul used the Veto to save Josh and nominate Cody.

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